Methodism in Oswego

Methodism first appeared in the Oswego area in the early 1800s under the leadership of Catherine Hawley, and the First Methodist Church was built on the west side of the Oswego River. In 1848, the same year Oswego was incorporated as a city, 164 liberal members of the church formed a new church at East 4th and Cayuga Streets, which was named the East Methodist Episcopal Church. The small, wood-framed building could not hold the growing congregation, so a large brick building was built on the same lot in 1882, and was incorporated as Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church. Unfortunately, this structure was lost in a fire on Nov 22, 1900.

Our present building on the corner of East 4th and Utica Streets was completed and dedicated in 1903. It is a stately structure, built of Governeur marble, with 40 Tiffany-style windows and a rich oak interior.

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